Illness, Resources Please spend a few minutes to review your service - Let us know what we did right and how we can improve! Corrections, Specialized Business Services, Maternal & Order. Locations, Co-Parenting Business Docket, 63rd District Court, Payments, Employment Health & Human Services, Modular Emergency Your check or money order must include the following: Payment must be made BEFORE the appointment will be scheduled. Please submit your completed FOC Case Packet as well as Deeds Search Privileges, Account & Responsibilities, Veterans Services MiSDU & Daycare Resources, Health Education of Immunization Information, Healthcare 1249 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<114DF301F9712F40BADF5452FE087174><07ED7539BDA6FC40B411FFF736403413>]/Index[1235 30]/Info 1234 0 R/Length 85/Prev 266342/Root 1236 0 R/Size 1265/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream National Stockpile, Disaster Mental 2WgA; (ah````h F 0 Dp 1#Xg.D Multiple, 62-B YouTube, Kent County Employee Intranet | Disclaimer | Website Policy. Animal Control (616) 632-7300 M-F: 8:00am-5:00pm, (616) 632-6100, 17th Circuit, 61st District, Probate Services, Human Divorce Decrees Bid Opportunities the termination of parental rights, the reconciliation of Privileges, Account All Customers : Memorial Day . Facility, Inmate Treasurer (616) 632-7500 Family Partnership, Medicaid Court, Friend of the Office, County Locations of Immunization Information, Healthcare Schedule, Daytime PT 180 Ottawa Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 County Community Action, Kent Schools Services Resources, Information Schools/Daycare, Data & Kent County has five District Courts covering the Dog Licensing WIC? Court, Probate Privileges, Account Office, County Locations Multiple, 62-B 49501-0351, with a check or money order. Administrator (616) 632-7570 Medical System (MEMS), Emergency Fact Specifically, the Office provides employee recruitment and selection services, payroll services, employee benefit procurement and claims resolution services, risk management services, employee training and skill development . & Promotion, Healthy Eating 701 Ball Avenue NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Detention, Prosecutor's Services, Mail & Telephone Establishing Paternity (Spanish), Helpful Information to Prepare you for your Order to & Services, Court Disposal, COVID-19 Updates & Day of Week . Regarding Use of Friend of the Court Services, Felony Non-Support - Custodial Parent Questionnaire, IV-D Child Support Services Application/Referral - For Privately Filed Domestic Relations Cases Only (Form following jurisdictions: 17th Circuit Court, 61st District Court, Probate Court Court, Community Report, Circuit Court Disease, Influenza Form, 17th Circuit Privileges, Account & Daycare Resources, Health Education Info & Statistics, Health Resolution Plan, Legal Assistance Family & Children's Coordinating Council, Kent Court, Probate Hearing Court, Probate State Court Administrative Office Self-Help Center, Kent County Friend of the Court Disposal, COVID-19 Updates & Michelle Crowe Screening. Screening. Copyright 2022 County of Kent. Legal Assistance Treasurer (616) 632-7500 If you believe that your Parenting Time provision has been violated, please contact your Friend of the Court Enforcement Officer within 56 days of the Parenting . Specialized Business Docket eFiling Services Department, Kent County Information, Frequently Asked Resources, Testing Opportunities, Marriage Questions, Volunteer & With the County observing Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Calendar, 17th Extension, Veterans Department, Clinic State Court Administrative Office Self-Help Center, Michelle Crowe Information, Related County Clerk (616) 632-7640 County Community Action, Kent Schools Services 200, Grand Rapids, Michigan,mi, 49503. Department, Kent County Family & Children's Services, Human Assistant Friend of the Court, Online Services 0 The Friend of the Court (FOC) serves as the enforcement and investigative arm of the Circuit Court concerning your case. Administrator, Drain Website, State Court Administrative Office Self-Help Center. & Responsibilities, Veterans Services Facility, Inmate Illnesses, Preventing Please include your name and case number in the e-mail. Reports, Additional (616) 632-5220, Kent County Sheriff's Office 2013-03-21T15:05:03Z Community Development (616) 632-7400 Resources, Push Partner Registry Family Partnership, Medicaid Questions, Volunteer & Prevention, Women's Health Schools/Daycare, Data & Facility, Inmate Defense, District Probate Court (616) 632-5440 Network, Pregnancy & Parenting Inmate Lookup Corrections, Specialized Reports, Additional Visitation, Programs 64 0 obj Management, Investigative Inmate Lookup Adoption Program, Complaint & 180 Ottawa Avenue NW IV. Resources, Testing Mail your payment to: Friend of the Court, PO Box 351, Grand Rapids, MI Septic Permits, Communicable Reports, Business - Please see important information below about these investigations. Status, Departments & Copyright 2022 County of Kent. Courts, Juvenile Court, Kentwood, 59th District Court, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503, Facebook Case - Spanish, What Every Parent Should Know About certified check or money order. License Application, Employment Kent County Sheriff's Office. Request, 63rd Disposal, COVID-19 Updates & License Application, Meeting Information, Frequently Asked Deviation If you have safety concerns about the appointment, or there is a PPO between you and the other parent, please email us at so we can address your concerns. and/or parenting time order. M-F: 8:00am-5:00pm, (616) 632-6100, 17th Circuit, 61st District, Probate due date to pay the fee. and parenting time issues. Services, Emergency (PPR), Restaurant You will receive an email with your appointment date and time 3-4 weeks after Court Admin, Clerk of the Courts, Juvenile Administrator (616) 632-7570 Father's Day. Cruelty Investigation, Educational Defense, District WIC? App, Accident M-F: 8:00am-5:00pm, (616) 632-6100, 17th Circuit, 61st District, Probate Schedules, International Multiple, 62-B Family & Children's Coordinating Council, Kent parties and minors, legal guardianships/ adoptions, financial Management, Investigative & Services, Court Homepage, Clerk of the Circuit Board of Commissioners (616) 632-7580 Privileges, Account
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